Biometrics Section Announces Student Award Winners

This year’s David P. Byar Early Career Award goes to Sarah Lotspeich, who did her training at Vanderbilt University and is currently at Wake Forest University, for her paper, “Optimal Multi-Wave Validation of Secondary Use Data with Outcome and Exposure Misclassification.”

Paper award winners for JSM 2023 are (in no order) the following:

  • Rong Ma, currently at Stanford University, for “A Spectral Method for Assessing and Combining Multiple Data Visualizations”
  • Cole Manschot, currently at North Carolina State University, for “Interim Monitoring of Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials Using Partial Information”
  • Chao Cheng, currently at Yale University, for “Doubly Robust Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis for Marginal Structural Quantile Models”
  • Bangyao Zhao, currently at the University of Michigan, for “Bayesian Learning of COVID-19 Vaccine Safety While Incorporating Adverse Events Ontology”