Three Win Student Travel Awards to Conference on Statistical Practice

The following student winners will receive registration and travel support to attend the Conference on Statistical Practice:

John J. Bartko Scholarship Award
Steven T. Moen
University of Wisconsin

Moen is a PhD student of statistics at the University of Wisconsin and was a master’s student from The University of Chicago. He decided to study economics in college but especially the models and systems used in the field, which led him to statistics. His focus is on financial statistics and studying the theoretical aspects of time-dependent data.

Currently, Moen is collaborating with Russell Green, a senior economist at the International Monetary Fund, on a paper about the market microstructure of India’s sovereign bond market, which could help prevent another currency crisis.

Moen hopes to use his knowledge to pursue a career in which he can continue striving toward solving practical challenges, which he believes can be accomplished in both industrial and academic settings.

Lester R. Curtin Award
Ransmond Berchie
University of Utah

Berchie is an aspiring biostatistician, pursuing a PhD in population health sciences with an emphasis in biostatistics at the University of Utah. Over the past year, he has collaborated with a variety of highly trained professionals on innovative projects, including leading analyses in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Berchie is the lead statistician on a paper titled, “The Association of Genetic West African Ancestry with Incident Cardiovascular Disease Among African Americans.” Upon returning from the Conference on Statistical Practice, he plans to organize a seminar to share what he has learned with his peers and mentors.

Lingzi Lu Memorial Award
Shan Wu
University of Pittsburgh

Wu is a second-year master’s student in biostatistics at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research work is on how to deal with the pandemic-related missing data in clinical trials.

Wu hopes to broaden her biostatistics perspective and network by visiting conferences in the field and meet and connect with experts. Her goal is to contribute to the betterment of humanity’s health care.