Survey Research Methods Section Announces 2021 Award Winners

The Survey Research Methods Section (SRMS) announces the following winners of the 2021 Student Paper Award and 2021 Student Travel Award.

2021 JSM GSS/SRMS/SSS Student Paper Award Winners

  • Sheridan Grant (University of Washington)
    “Measuring Informativeness of Ratings in the Absence of a Gold Standard”
  • Eli Ben-Michael (University of California, Berkeley)
    “Varying Impacts of Letters of Recommendation on College Admissions: Approximate Balancing Weights for Subgroup Effects in Observational Studies”
  • Neha Agarwala (University of Maryland Baltimore County)
    “Individual and Community-Level Risks for COVID-19 Mortality in the US”
  • Claire Kelling (Virginia Tech)
    “A Two-Stage Cox Process Model for Police Use of Force with Spatial and Nonspatial Covariates”
  • Yutao Liu (Columbia University)
    “Inference from Non-Random Samples Using Bayesian Machine Learning”

2021 JSM GSS/SRMS/SSS Student Paper Award Honorable Mentions

  • Yuzhou Chen (Southern Methodist University)
    “Understanding Power Grid Network Vulnerability Through the Stochastic Lens of Network Motif Evolution”
  • Tuo Lin (University of California, San Diego)
    “Extending the MWW Rank Sum Test to Survey Data for Comparing Mean Ranks”
  • Paul Parker (University of Missouri)
    “A Bayesian Functional Data Model for Surveys Collected Under Informative Sampling with Application to Mortality Estimation Using NHANES”
  • Zhenbang Wang (George Mason University)
    “Estimation in Exponential Family Regression Based on Linked Data Contaminated by Mismatch Error”

2021 JSM SRMS Student Travel Award Winner

  • Paul Parker (University of Missouri)