Senior Research Fellowships Available from BLS, BEA

The ASA, in cooperation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) under a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), is offering senior research fellow programs for 2021.

The fellowship program at BLS allows research fellows to use BLS data and facilities and interact with BLS staff.

The fellowship program at BEA offers the opportunity to perform research there. BEA produces key economic statistics that influence government policy, forecasting, and business investment. Fellows will have access to BEA data and the expertise of BEA staff.


An academically recognized research record and considerable expertise in the area of proposed research are required. US government employees are not eligible to apply. Applicants must be affiliated with a US institution.

Condition of Appointment/Benefits

Research will be conducted at the government agency. The stipend received is commensurate with qualifications and experience. The term of appointment is flexible, and fringe benefits and travel allowances are negotiable.

More information about the fellowship program at BLS is available or download the brochure.

More information about the fellowship program at BEA is available or download the brochure.

The application deadline for both fellowships is January 4, 2021.