International Study Program Offers Mathematical Sciences with Dose of Culture

Mathematical Sciences Semesters in Guanajuato (MSSG) is an international program open to students with a strong grounding in mathematics who want to increase their knowledge of data science, modeling, and partial differential equations from a comprehensive, forward-looking, and cutting-edge perspective while acquiring a solid theoretical foundation and exploring the rich culture of Mexico.

Mathematical Sciences Semesters in Guanajuato is a new international study program at the Guanajuato Mathematics Research Centre in Mexico that combines mathematics, statistics, and computer science with Mexican culture.

    The program offers two independent semesters: mathematical tools for modeling in the fall and mathematical tools for data science in the spring. There is also a separate summer program in partial differential equations. All three are taught entirely in English.

    Students will learn the fundamental theoretical bases of pure mathematics, quantitative methods, statistical models, and computer science, equipping them with the ability to choose relevant and efficient algorithmic solutions for solving problems in data science and mathematical modeling. The summer program combines theory, numerical methods, and applications to mathematical finance.

    The program was developed based on the strengths of the Guanajuato Mathematics Research Centre (CIMAT) in pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science and designed with an integrative approach to mathematics with an emphasis on application. In addition, the program offers optional courses in Spanish and Mexican culture while students immerse themselves in the cultural life of Guanajuato.

    CIMAT is one of Mexico’s leading research centers in the fields of mathematics, statistics, and computer science, focusing on enhancing the relationship between these disciplines. With four decades of experience, CIMAT is recognized for its tradition of educational excellence and its contribution to the development of students from Mexico and around the world.

    The deadline for applying is April 15 to begin in the fall semester.

    For more information and to apply, visit the MSSG website.