Statistical Learning and Data Science Section Announces Award Winners

The Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science announces the following student award winners:

JSM 2017 Student Paper Award

  • Lauren N. Spirko, “Variable Selection for Large-Scale Genomic Data with Censored Survival Outcomes”
  • Xiwei Tang, “Individualized Multilayer Tensor Learning with an Application in Imaging Analysis”
  • Yichen Zhang, “Statistical Inference for Model Parameters in Stochastic Gradient Descent”
  • Jianyu Liu, “Graph-Based Sparse Linear Discriminant Analysis for High-Dimensional Classification”
  • Xin Qiu, “Composite Interaction Tree for Robust Learning of Optimal Individualized Treatment Rules and Identifying Subgroups”

Leo Breiman Junior Award Winners

  • Ming Yuan
  • Yufeng Liu

Leo Breiman Senior Award

  • Grace Wahba, for profound impacts in the area of statistical learning and data science