The Changing Profile of Statistical Careers

This month’s special issue of Amstat News is devoted to a career in statistics and includes articles written about the newest fields created for statisticians in the past 10 years.

One new field is forensics. Christopher Saunders talks about what it takes to work as a statistician in forensics and how statisticians play a critical role. In another feature, Dalene Stangl highlights the progress for women in statistics and offers ideas for improving the pace. And, if you’re interested in teaching, Randall Pruim looks at the trends that have affected statistics teaching during the past decade and discusses trends that will influence teaching over the next decade.

This issue also includes interviews with many statisticians, including two survey research scientists: Mario Callegaro and Gordon Willis.

If there is an article you would like to see or a statistician you would like to read about in next year’s special issue, send your suggestions to the managing editor, Megan Murphy, at