NSF and Eli Lilly Partner on Internship Program

Wei Shen, Eli Lilly and Company

The Division of Mathematical Sciences at the National Science Foundation and Global Statistical Sciences at Eli Lilly and Company joined forces to establish a 12-week summer program that offers an opportunity for NSF’s graduate research fellows in statistics or related fields to gain research and real-world experience at Lilly.

Under the partnership, a number of intern positions at Lilly were set aside for NSF graduate fellows. Successful candidates were assigned to specific projects under the guidance of Lilly statisticians.

This year, two NSF fellows, Scott Powers from The University of Chicago and Corinne Horn from Stanford University joined the program and spent the summer at Lilly’s headquarters in Indianapolis. Powers conducted his research on “commensurate prior approach for borrowing historical control data,” aiming to improve the efficiency of clinical trial design, while Horn explored text mining methods for the analysis of electronic medical records from a large health care database. Visit the October issue of Amstat News to read about Powers intern experience.

Additional information regarding the NSF-Lilly internship program can be obtained by contacting Wei Shen at shen@lilly.com or Jennifer Pearl at jslimowi@nsf.gov.

In addition to the Lilly partnership, NSF also offers a Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). The deadline for graduate statistics students to submit an application is November 5. Applications and information are available on the NSF website.