Career Success Factors

At JSM 2013 in Montréal, a webcast recording session about career planning was held. Six eminent statisticians—Christy Chuang-Stein (Pfizer), Cynthia Clark (NASS, USDA), Fred Hulting (General Mills), Sally Morton (University of Pittsburgh), Nat Schenker (NCHS, CDC), and Dan Solomon (NC State University)—addressed a series of questions focused on career planning issues that arise during the course of one’s career and how they dealt with those issues. Their candid answers may help you with the same or similar issues.

This 90-minute webcast may be viewed either in its entirety, or by one or more of the seven chapters that comprise the webcast.

The seven chapters address questions posed on the following topics:

  1. Finding a Challenging & Rewarding Position
  2. Career Advancement
  3. Work & Family
  4. Job Location
  5. Job Satisfaction
  6. Compensation
  7. Involvement in Professional Society Activities

Ron Snee moderated the session. The session, organized by Bob Starbuck, is a product of the Career Success Factors initiative that was established by Bob Rodriguez as one of his ASA president’s initiatives.