Career Issue of Amstat News a Resource for Students

Be sure to check out this months issue of Amstat News, the membership magazine of the American Statistical Association. The issue, devoted to a career in statistics, includes articles written as resources for students, teachers, and statisticians.

In the featured article, “Influence: Essential for Success as a Statistician,” Paul Berg shows readers how to develop the ability to influence customers, colleagues, managers, and subordinates to achieve a greater level of success as a professional statistician.

Another featured piece, written by Michelle Everson, illustrates how to incorporate social media into the curriculum. Everson shares tips for engaging students and handling privacy issues.

As a statistician, have you ever wanted to travel to a foreign country, but didn’t know where to begin? James Cochran shows you how to prepare for work in developing nations and offers suggestions for who to contact and ways to contribute. Also, in his article “Collaborating with International Colleagues, or Should It Be Inter … Colleagues?”, Geert Molenberghs demonstrates how to collaborate with colleagues from other countries.

This issue also includes interviews with many statisticians, including five who received post-doctoral fellowships and one who worked for the National Park Service.

If there is an article you would like to see or a statistician you would like to read about in next year’s career issue, send your suggestions to the managing editor, Megan Murphy, at