ASA Members Talk Careers

ASA President Marie Davidian and North Carolina State University Statistics Department Chair Montse Fuentes are featured in a new Radio show called “I want to be a… .” The show delivers to the website’s visitors information about education and career path, how to land a job in various professions or industries, and the pros and cons of these positions.

The program director, Tim Muma, said he wanted to produce a segment on statisticians because there was great interest in the field by the site’s users. Davidian and Fuentes focused on the ins and outs of careers in statistical science, including educational and skill requirements; the typical day for statisticians in academic, government, and business settings; the responsibilities of the job; why they love statistics; and myths associated with statisticians. Davidian also touted the International Year of Statistics.

You can listen to the interview, which is in two parts, by clicking here for Part 1 and here for Part 2. is a job-search website that delivers local job listings to its users.