Biopharmaceutical Section Looking for Mentors, Mentees for 2018–19 Mentoring Program

Janelle Charles, Juliet Ndukum, and Wen-Chi Wu

Networking can be challenging, but it is beneficial. Meeting others in our profession can help us quickly learn the ropes, improve our careers, and contribute to the statistical profession. Finding a mentor has its challenges and, keeping that in mind, the Biopharmaceutical Section has created a mentoring program based on the mentoring blueprint created by the Committee on Applied Statisticians. More than 100 people have participated in our mentoring program since 2014.

Mentee Wenlin Yuan said, “The mentoring program has been extremely stimulating and satisfying to me. My mentor, Greg, has been providing me lots of helpful advices and has been answering all kinds of my questions regarding statistics study, research projects, career development, graduate school application, and a lot more. I really appreciate the time and effort that my mentor has been devoted in helping me and also the opportunity that the mentoring program provided to learn from great statistician! I believe the mentoring program is a very beneficial and successful program, especially to people who are new to the statistics field, like myself. Thank you very much!”

Mentor Greg Ball said, “Really like the mentoring program. For me, in addition to being able to help young statisticians get off to a good start, I like keeping a connection to my roots. Wenlin and I have had some interesting and productive discussions this year. Would like to see this program continue to expand.”

The goal of this program is to help members enrich and enhance their professional experience through achieving personal and professional goals. This may occur through sharing of knowledge and experience between a professional practitioner and someone entering the profession of statistics. A constructive mentorship relationship can take many forms and may occur at any stage of one’s career with benefits for both the mentor and the mentee.

The section provides hands-on resources for mentors and mentees to facilitate their interactions. Information related to the mentoring activities and additional resources for mentors and mentees is available via the Biopharmaceutical Section website.

The section is looking for mentors and mentees for the 2018–19 Mentoring Program. Are you interested in becoming a mentor to a statistician and helping fellow Biopharmaceutical Section statisticians? Are you a potential mentee, or can you nominate a statistician who may be looking for a mentorship program? If so, email your contact information to with “Biopharmaceutical Section Mentoring Program” in the subject line.