TSHS Portal Innovation Challenge Awards

The Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences (TSHS) Section is pleased to announce the 2017 TSHS Portal Innovation Challenge Awards. These will be awarded to the best contributions accepted and published on the TSHS Resources Portal before June 1. One award of $250 will be presented for the best contributed data set, and a second award of $250 will be presented for the best contributed teaching materials related to an existing portal data set.

The mission of the TSHS Resources Portal is to promote excellence in the teaching of statistics in the health sciences through the dissemination of peer-reviewed health sciences–related data sets and teaching materials that are centrally archived in a public domain, easy-to-navigate website. The purpose of the Innovation Challenge Awards is to publicize the portal to increase the number of contributors and users.

Eligible portal submissions for the 2017 award may be either 1) a health sciences–related data set and codebook (no simulated data) or 2) a set of teaching materials to accompany a previously published portal data set. Teaching materials can include classroom activities, lab activities, quiz question sets, homework problem sets, and lecture notes.

All portal submissions are peer-reviewed by the TSHS portal editorial board, and accepted submissions are published on the portal. The best contributions accepted and published on the portal before June 1, as judged by the portal editorial board, will win a 2017 Innovation Challenge Award, to be presented at the TSHS mixer during the Joint Statistical Meetings in Baltimore.

More information about contributing to the TSHS portal can be found on the CAUSE website. Questions can be sent to tshsportal@gmail.com.

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